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Crossing Over

Dealing with women of domestic violence - physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual violence, isolation, coercion, economic control, abusing trust, threats and intimidation.   Providing an avenue to restore the soul from abuse, control, fear, assault and subjugation; crisis and residential stabilization.



Network with people and organizations to provide vital services to establish emancipated young women in foster care (emancipated from the system as they become 18 years of age) into society. Helping young women to change their lives that have been possibly affected through sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Beauty for Ashes

A rite of passage established to transfer the knowledge of older women to young women from ages 12 to 23.  This is critical in the maintenance of a healthy progressive lifestyle. The absence of this system produces marginally functioning adults.


Morning Glory

Provide ministry to mothers whose children were lost as a result of violence.


The Naked City

Women actively working to restore and redress their communities, local schools, and cities; resourcing and forming task forces to address specific issues affecting our children, youth and families.


Health & Wellness Network

The RAPHA Network provides knowledge and resources needed to maintain personal best health.  RAPHA promotes making healthy lifestyle choices to maintain wellness and prevent disease.


The Golden Lamp

Encourage advocacy for those in the judicial process and the family members affected. Provides information for families going to court, new legislation and bills, how to contact legislative representatives and knowing ones rights.


The Scepter of Esther

Provide alternatives to maintain a firm foundation of faith in the entertainment industry by upholding a realty that is supported by God's purpose while encouraging great risk taking.


The Thinking Heart

Provide mental health services for those seeking spiritual counseling, drug rehabilitation, individual counseling, family therapy, support groups, anger management, peer counseling, HIV/AIDS counseling and more.


THE FAMILY – Lineage & Legacy

Building strong marriages and families.  Challenging husbands and wives to apply biblical truths to their God-ordained marital relationships.


Dove Mentoring

Provides proactive intervention for adults and young women ages 18 to 35 walking them through social, emotional, financial, and relationship issues in small support groups.  Mentoring reaches out to young mothers, entrepreneurs, college students and young wives.


The Scarlet Thread

Helps young girls and women that are struggling with poor habits to make a lasting turn around and take back their lives.  These women are in a tremendous battle for their lives having to overcome addiction and emotional challenges.


Personal Signatures

This network that provides support, motivation and resources for women in business, developing professionalism and providing services and opportunities by encouraging a greater awareness of financial freedom and empowerment.


The House of Chloe

Facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among women in the Fivefold Ministry Offices enabling them to be more effective in their calling for the purpose of building and multiplying strong churches, businesses and ministries around the world.  A core value is to mobilize women to fulfill the Great Commission.  



Establishing Success and Understanding the Behavior associated with Abuse

Reversing the Cycle of Abuse


Through our “E.S.U.B.A.'s” (the word abuse spelled backwards) we empower and provide network opportunities to intellectually develop women and young girls; we provide resources toward leadership and self-esteem through training that will improve the quality of life. This provision of knowledge, information and support is designed to present alternatives that will motivate women to achieve.






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