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Dr. Beverly "BAM" Crawford

Dr. Beverly “BAM” Crawford affectionately known as “Pastor BAM” is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church in Inglewood, California where she has served a congregation of upwards of 3500 people for the last 30 years. Dr. Crawford grew up as a homeless youth in South Central Los Angeles.  Her experiences have led her to be a source of strength and inspiration providing teaching, mentoring, and programs to empower women around the world. God has graced her to speak into the lives of audiences mobilizing resources both nationally and internationally, sharing foundational truths and leadership principles.

Her advocacy to women and their families is a call motivated from her deep personal testimony. As a care provider through Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health her seminars, parenting classes and teams of sensitive lay and professional counselors are making a tremendous difference. Through workshops and support groups she provides much needed information about addiction, families experiencing incarceration, human sex trafficking, and families infected/affected with HIV the virus which causes AIDS.

She is the Founder and President of BAM Crawford’s The Company and Tapestry Women’s Ministry. Both dedicated to providing young women with education and the necessary tools to impact their future through seminars and conferences. The Company is an integrated system of women from various organizations, occupations, ministries and backgrounds committed to transformation and restoration. With a demand for mentoring she birthed DOVE Mentoring, Doorways, Beauty For Ashes, Morning Glory, Golden LAMPS and The Scarlet Thread. These services consist of a partnership of visionaries who are actively involved in the prison re-entry system, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, and abuse. These vital services also assist with the emancipation of young women from foster care, helping young girls who are struggling with poor habits and decisions, and providing much needed ministry to mothers who loss their children as a result of street and gang violence.


Gabrianna Crawford a.k.a. Punky G...

She’s been called everything from a “rock star” to a “fashionista” to a “preacher”.  She just simply calls herself a vessel/servant.  Gabrianna, also known as “P.u.nk.y. G…” is a budding entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropic visionary.  She is Vice President of The Company International; an empowerment network of women from various walks of life and backgrounds.  Her message is love, faith, respect, unity, purpose and individuality.  Gabrianna has walked and worked along side her mother/mentor corporately, professionally, and ministerially, mentoring, and teaching.  Her experiences provide her with a source of strength and sincerity to be an inspiration to all people, with a developing fan-base that transcends race, age and culture.

Gabrianna displayed an unusual interest in the arts at an early age beginning at K Anthony Elementary School Theatre under the direction of Ms. Williams.  However, it was after high school that she decided to take “acting” seriously and went on to work with her first acting teacher, Chip Fields-Hurd. There it was discovered that Gabrianna was a specially unique “raw talent”.  She then went on to study with other notables throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. Her growth, hunger, and passion for the craft eventually led her to an advanced two-year intensive theatre program at The Stella Adler Academy of Acting.  Here she further developed her craft in the area of Scene-study, Script Analysis, Improv, Dialects, Movement, and Speech;  where she also performed in an Improv show, “Get Rich, or Die Improv’n”. She has written, produced, and performed in several stage plays and productions.

Gabrianna loves life, people, and fun. God has developed her as a creative, prophetic prodigy with a strong commitment to acting, writing, and music;  that all show her passion to impact and change lives (and culture). She is thankful and humbled that God chooses to execute HIS brilliance “through” her.

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